LISRadio: Adam Nelson

This week’s LISRadio showcase is an interview with University of Wisconsin professor Adam Nelson. Professor Charley Seavey attended a session with Adam at a recent conference and was intrigued by what he had to say about the connection between print media and education. I was especially interested in what he had to say about how video games and new media can lead kids back to books. As kids learn about events and subjects from their games, they look for more information about those things… in books. New media allows kids to learn guided by their own interests.

Great Show Tonight!

Tonight on LISRadio, my co-advisors and a doc student are interviewing romance writer Eloisa James (who is also a professor at Fordham University!) The show starts at 8pm CST and call-in numbers are posted at the site if anyone wants to participate. As always, the archived show will be available tomorrow. (We now have RSS feeds for our shows, too!) I’m stupidly excited. I’m reading Kiss Me, Annabel (not a link) right now, whenever I can grab a free moment. I think the main topic of conversation will be how librarians view romances and romance readers.


This week’s First Tuesday on LISRadio is really interesting. Dr. Seavey interviews Allan Kleiman, who travels around the country visiting libraries to talk about library service to older adults. You can find it here. I was on phones tonight, so I jotted down some notes while I was listening.

A question I wrote down was: “What are people doing now, pre-retirement, that libraries could do for them?” What needs will retired people have that libraries can fill? One obvious thing was family history/ memoir seminars. A lot of libraries are into geneaology, but this would be a more personal type of workshop. I recently lost my aunt, who was kind of the family historian. Imagine how such a workshop would have met her needs. Heck, she probably could have taught the thing!
Mr. Kleiman also talked about the needs of homeless and the poor, too. It was a really interesting show.