Review: Snake Hips

Snake Hips is Anne Thomas Soffee’s memoir of how bellydancing saved her after her world-ending break-up with the man she thought was it. I tread lightly when reviewing memoirs, and this one is no different. This memoir is hilarious, compelling, descriptive… yet it’s not what it could be. Perhaps it’s exactly what Soffee wanted, so I hesitate to point out what I consider its flaws. With a memoir, you’re never sure if it’s the writing or the author that bothers you, and to be sure, there were times I wanted to grab Soffee and say “Quit doing that! The guy’s a sleaze! You deserve better!” Other times, I wanted to ask her to tone down the brutal judgment she passes on herself and others. But that’s part of her voice and her personality, and it didn’t keep me from staying up late at night to read “just one more chapter.”

This book would be of special interest to people who like bellydancing, people who are interested in Arab-American issues, uber-hip people who are going through bad break-ups, and people from or in Richmond, Virginia.